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How to use dental floss correctly


The reason why most people have problems with flossing is that they try to put too much floss inside their mouth.

The correct way is to use the thumb for the upper teeth and the middle fingers for the lower teeth. Keep a moderate amount of floss between these fingers so you can control them easily from side to side.

When cleaning the teeth in the upper jaw, we need to put the thumbs about 2.5 cm apart, then put the floss in the teeth, do up and down movements along the teeth, instead of doing the “sawing” movement from side to side. In which, one thumb should remain stationary, while the other thumb moves up and down to create a movement that removes bacteria from the teeth.

Similarly for the lower teeth, one middle finger should hold still, while the other middle finger moves up and down between the teeth.

Once you have mastered it, the whole process takes only 1 minute, but it will make a big difference to your oral health.